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Understanding women's experiences & involvement with modern tabletop board games

What is the purpose of this research?
To understand and explore the experiences, perspectives, and attitudes of women within modern tabletop (specifically board game) culture. Within board game culture, women are often in the minority, and this project thus aims to explore how they navigate and experience this predominantly male space.

What do you mean by modern/designer games?

These are not your more traditional mass market games (e.g. Monopoly, Game of life, Cluedo etc.) but those games that are associated with hobby board gaming (e.g. Pandemic, Catan, Azul, Gloomhaven, Dune Imperium, Tapestry, Barenpark, Sheriff of Nottingham etc.). Obviously there is some cross-over been mass market games and modern/designer/hobby board games but if you aren't sure if you'd be right for this research, feel free to get in touch.

What will happen if I decide to take part?
You will be asked to take part in an in-person or online interview. The interview will take place in a mutually agreed upon public space convenient to you (in the Coventry or Birmingham area), or online via zoom. It should take around 30-60 minutes and we would like to audio record (in-person interviews) or video/audio record (Zoom interviews) your responses. These recordings will be stored securely and then transcribed, at which point the original recordings will be destroyed and any transcriptions will be altered to make you anonymous (so no one will be able to identify you).

Who is eligible to take part?
You are invited to participate in this research if you are a woman who has an interest in modern/designer board games, or you view it as a hobby, or you consider yourself a ‘board gamer’. 

What information is being collected in the research?
Information on your experiences with and attitudes towards tabletop board games and its associated culture is being collected through this research.

I'm interested in taking part, what next?

** Please note that recruitment for this study has now closed but this page is being left for information purposes. Thank you to everyone who shared the study or got in contact**

Please have a look at the full participant information document and consent form. You will need to read these documents, and consent to your responses being collected and used (anonymously) for academic research. If at this stage you feel like you would be happy to take part, or you have any questions, please get in contact.

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Thank you for your interest!

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