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File downloads are provided below for some of Dr Scoats' recent research. Please contact him to access any of his work not available here, or try the links page.

Wignal, L., Scoats, R., Anderson, E., & Morales, L. (2019). A qualitative study of heterosexual men’s attitudes toward and practices of receiving anal stimulation. Culture, Health & Sexuality. Online first. Download

White, A., Robinson, S., Bullingham, R., Anderson, E., Pollock, A., & Scoats, R. (2019). The lack of age representation in the governance of rugby union in England. Sociology of Sport Journal. Online first. Download

Scoats, R. (2019). ‘If there is no homo, there is no trio’: Women’s experiences and expectations of MMF threesomes. Psychology & Sexuality, 10(1), 45-55.


Scoats, R., & Anderson, E. (2019). ‘My partner was just all over her’: Jealousy, Communication and Rules in Mixed-Sex Threesomes. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 21(2), 134-146. Download

Magrath, R., & Scoats, R. (2019). Young men’s friendships: inclusive masculinities in a post-university setting. Journal of Gender Studies, 28(1), 45-56. Download


Scoats, R., Joseph, L. J., & Anderson, E. (2018). ‘I don’t mind watching him cum’: Heterosexual men, threesomes, and the erosion of the one-time rule of homosexuality. Sexualities, 21(1-2), 30-48. Download

Scoats, R. (2017). Inclusive masculinity and Facebook photographs among early emerging adults at a British university. Journal of Adolescent Research, 32 (3), 323-345. Download

Murray, A., White, A., Scoats, R., & Anderson, E. (2016). Constructing Masculinities in the National Rugby League's Footy Show. Sociological Research Online, 21 (3). Download

Anderson, E. Scoats, R., & McCormack, M. (2015). Metropolitan bisexual men's relationships: Evidence of a cohort effect. Journal of Bisexuality, 15 (1), 21-39. Download

Threesome research

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